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Each coin has been in the pocket or hand of thousands of people in its lifetime. Collectors are fascinated with their histories and paths of circulation. This is one hobby that takes on more than “value” as its main interest. An interesting piece can also be a coin that has never been circulated. To ask how it survived in such pristine condition is another wonderment enjoyed by coin enthusiasts.

Coin collecting is a passion and, as anything in life, people choose their own way to enjoy it. There are many different reasons for collecting. There are investment reasons, the thrill of buying and selling, and the pure enjoyment of collecting.

There are collectors who prefer to collect only certified coins. Such coins are:

• Graded and backed up with a guarantee of authenticity by a certifying company
• Placed in a sealed holder
• Given a serial number that can be tracked
• Kept on record

Uncertified coins or raw coins are:

• Not issued by a grading service
• Collected and stored as loose coins
• Placed in albums or plastic cases
• Removed, handled and enjoyed more

Caring for Your Coins
Caring for your coin collection is important whether it’s for your own personal pleasure or collecting for investment or trade. There are proper ways to clean, protect, display, and handle the coins. Yonces's Coins, LLC carries coin supplies.

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