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Coin collecting is fun and profitable. Yonce's Coins LLC offers domestic coins and supplies.
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Each coin has been in the pocket or hand of thousands of people in its lifetime. Collectors are fascinated with their histories and paths of circulation...

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Currency is paper money. Most countries use some sort of paper money as a medium of exchange. When a series of notes goes out...

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People seek appraisals to determine the value of an object they possess. There are three major reasons why they seek an appraiser. Insurance Purposes...

We buy/sell new and old domestic coins/collections. Find something collectible at Yonce's Coins LLC.

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From the time coins were first designed and used as an exchange for a product or service, someone was hiding them in a box or drawer for safe keeping. Not all coins got circulated for exchange purposes. There were those rare individuals that saw a potential for value in something so new. Thanks to them, coin collecting is the oldest and most popular of hobbies. Yonce's Coins LLC in Roanoke, VA buys and sells coins.

Coin Dealer
It's easy to find a coin dealer but what makes them a rare find? They are individuals who represent their merchandise fairly. They grade coins honestly. They know their topic well. They are well respected among their peers and they use their expertise to be fair, not to cheat. Roanoke, VA is home to a number of fine merchants in all fields of business and Yonce's Coins LLC is no exception. Yonce's Coins LLC is that rare find.

In a collector's world, there is no end. Collectors find there is no end to what they can collect, how much they can collect and their desire to collect. Coins and currency collecting is one of the largest hobbies and investments made in the industry. There is no sign of recession when it comes to coin collections. This is good news for both sides of the coin; the rare coin collector and the rare coin dealer.

Many knowledgeable coin dealers can tell a fake coin from an authentic one pretty easily. But for the novice collector, they may be clueless as to what is in their collection. Appraising coins is quite serious. After all the “value” is the main reason you collect coins and you want the appraiser to get it right. Yonce's Coins LLC holds a high standard for their appraising ability. They want to get it right for their customers.

Whether you are a new collector or have enjoyed a lifetime of collecting, you will always find something you need or want at Yonce's Coins LLC.